Board Position Openings

CAPI Co-chair position announcement:

CAPI is looking to fill a current opening for a Co-chair for a two-year term. This is a volunteer position that offers a blended opportunity to both serve the interpreter community and gain experience in the most valuable skills in demand by employers. As a board member, you gain an insider view of event planning and organization as well as contribute to maintaining a high standard in interpreter professional development. Board members are intimately involved in all CAPI financial decisions and with that comes the experience of financial management.

Ideal candidate: You are an interpreter at heart and believe in supporting fellow interpreters. You believe in an inclusive and friendly work environment and you are able to collaborate productively with others. You manage your time well and even if you are busy you will not let your organization down. You enjoy being in a leadership position or have an interest in leadership and are looking to develop your leadership skills with some guidance from the current co-chair. You are a great listener. You listen not to respond, but to understand. You know how to match the needs of the members with the talent of the board you are leading.

If this sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to send an email to CAPI Chair Yuliya Fedasenka at! We are a friendly bunch and would love a new addition to our team.

*As an incoming Co-chair you will have the guidance of the second co-chair for the duration for the first year. The next year, when the current co-chair position ends, you will become the leader and train the new co-chair.

Duties include: attending CAPI meetings, leading the organization in ongoing calendar CAPI events, facilitating assignments distribution within the board, providing support to the directors in fulfillment of their areas of responsibility, taking on and following through with projects, running CAPI meetings, developing an agenda and maintaining meeting schedules, providing member services and assisting with the set up at events and other duties as needed.

CAPI Secretary position announcement:

CAPI is looking to fill a current opening for a secretary. This is a two-year term. This is a volunteer position that offers the opportunity to support your local interpreter association and gain organizational skills. As a secretary, you will be intimately involved in all event planning and learn what it involves to run an interpreter association.

Ideal candidate: You have great attention to detail and you love it! You have excellent writing skills and are able to help proofread and spell-check any CAPI communication that goes out to the public, as well as any text on the CAPI website. You hold CAPI’s mission dear to your heart and you are a great collaborator. You believe in a friendly and inclusive work environment. You are a great listener and are open to new ideas.

Duties include: Taking minutes during meetings, maintaining a roster of everyone’s to-do items, providing organizational support for events by booking venue locations, negotiating prices and organizing the details of travel for incoming presenters. Other duties as needed.

If this sounds like a good fit, please don’t hesitate to e-mail CAPI Chair Yuliya Fedasenka at We would love to have you join our team!